Team-work and Synergy

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Teamwork and synergy are main ingredients to high performance. Nonetheless there are times when it would be better to work with individual effort rather than teamwork to obtain a goal. For example , if a task requires a great degree of specialization, it might be more effective to designate the work to one person instead of to a group (Moran, Abramson & Moran, 2014).

The theory behind great synergy would be that the combined initiatives of a well-synchronized team generate results superior to those maded by any member working upon it’s own. It’s the equivalent of a symphony in which the harmonious communication of each player provides an impressive masterpiece that exceeds the musical capabilities of virtually any single artist.

Creating and preserving positive synergy is not easy, nonetheless it can be made easier by building some of the attributes of powerful teamwork. Some examples are building trust, fostering friendship and advertising learning from the other person, as well as ensuring clear connection among associates.

In addition , a superb manager will certainly foster synergy by enabling the team do its work and provide the proper tools and resources. This will likely save period, energy and conflict that can arise any time a manager attempts to do the work on its own. For example , a development crew might be more productive when they are allowed to make their own code and put into action the design, devoid of interference from a manager. This can result in a better product that meets the needs with the user and exceeds goals.

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